• Wheel: 28" Speed: 30

    £ 999.00
  • IDEAL E-Bikes are 100% certified by Hansecontrol Cert laboratory in Hamburg, Germany. Testing includes mechanical for frame and fork, mechanical dynamic (roller bench) or complete bike, electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility, and chemical safety. Traxer E-MTB are certified up to 120kg combined weight too. The HUMPERT ERGOTEC bar, stem and post,...

    £ 2,899.00
  • BOOMMAX is 15 years model, historically trying to optimize the quality / price ratio below the GBP_1000 threshold. Bike experts start from here.   Wheel: 29" Speed: 30

    £ 890.00
  • STROBE is another new model in IDEAL's family. Since a couple of years STROBE has become the basic hydraulic disc brake's equipped IDEAL MTB with fast growing sales in Europe. Our customers from Germany, Scandinavia, Balkan region, Greece, Russia and other countries, appricited the reliablity and the comfort that STROBE gives for the value to its rider.

    £ 399.00
  • Wheels: 24" Speeds: 21

    £ 399.00
  • Wheel: 28 Speed: 27

    £ 799.00
  • Wheel: 28" Speed: 24

    £ 519.00
  • HILLMASTER together with RACEPRO were also among the first MTB models, more than 27 years ago. HILLMASTER was designed to satisfy all the adventure’s needs during their outdoor quests and having fun with the family and friends activities. Time traveler with the greatest experiance amongst the MTBs.  Wheel: 29" Speed: 20

    £ 799.00