• The Pioneer. The ZigZag's model successor. It is a revolutionary model and was one of the first projects in the company and the IDEAL team almost 18 years ago. When the first ZigZag model was reveiled, it was the only 24sp MTB’s with hydraulic disc brakes! Till then, for some reason, others considered 24sp too few to be equipped with hydro stoppers. Look...

    £ 599.00
  • Wheel: 28" Speed: 30

    £ 999.00
  • IDEAL E-Bikes are 100% certified by Hansecontrol Cert laboratory in Hamburg, Germany. Testing includes mechanical for frame and fork, mechanical dynamic (roller bench) or complete bike, electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility, and chemical safety. FuTour M, L and W are certified up to 140kg combined weight too. The HUMPERT ERGOTEC bar, stem and...

    £ 2,349.00
  • Wheel: 28" Speed: 24

    £ 499.00
  • Wheel: 28" Speed: 24

    £ 449.00
  • Wheel: 28"Speed: 24

    £ 499.00
  • RACEPRO was the first high-end IDEAL MTB. It has always been IDEAL's top MTB model, sponsoring multiple teams all over the Europe. RACEPRO has been in 3 Olympic Games, has won more than 10 international championships in Germany, Scandinavia and the Balkans region. IDEAL PRORACE has won one of the first Trans Alp Marathons with the Klose twin sisters....

    £ 2,490.00
  • Promotional model! Ask your local bike shop. Wheels: 28" Speed: 8

    £ 0.00