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    <p>eCity Touring/Pedelecs are fully equipped and comfortable bikes, designed for quick and easy riding on paved roads. "Fully equipped" means that these pedelecs are always equipped with a lighting system, mudguards, luggage rack and a side stand. The driving comfort is achieved through appropriate frame geometries, suspension forks, high-quality saddles, ergonomic handles and wide tires.</p> <p>In addition to the already installed lighting systems, mudguards, luggage racks and side stands, all pedelecs are prepared for the assembly of bottle cages. So that the pedelec retains its elegance, all cables, threads and mountings are integrated into the frame in the best possible way, and all frames have organic tube sets that are adapted to the loads.</p>
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Ideal Strobe 24 UNI SUV...
Ideal Strobe 24 UNI SUV...
STROBE is another new model in IDEAL's family. Since a couple of years STROBE has become the basic hydraulic disc brake's equipped IDEAL MTB with...
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